Critical Power

Starline Track Busway is now the industry-leading electrical power distribution system for the data center/mission critical, retail, industrial, and higher education markets or for any facility where flexible power is needed. There are three main things that differentiate Starline from other competing systems: the highest quality materials  and design, unmatchable flexibility with customizable plug-in units, and the best service.

Starline Track Busway for Power Distribution


  • Build with top-notch materials, including solid copper busbars and a lightweight, durable yet compact aluminum outer shell
  • Design with patented u-shaped copper busbars that create constant tension, which ensure a continuous, reliable connection to power
  • The first-of-its-kind continuous access slot that runs along the bottom of the system
  • The flexibility of being able to easily change or add to operational layouts
  • Without losing any uptime- simply insert a plug-in unit wherever power is required

Reduced Installation Costs


and Scalable


Aesthetically Appealing

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