Black Box QuietCabinet

All-In-One Rack: Black Box QietCabinet

Black Box QuietCabinet
Soundproof Server


It is a cost-effective alternative without worrying about noise or appearance.



Three Sizes in different height: 

• 12U, M6 Square Holes, Size: 29.5″W x 44.6″D x 27.7″H
• 24U, M6 Square Holes, Sizes: 29.5″W x 44.6″D x 48.7″H
• 42U, M6 Square Holes,  Size: 29.5″W x 44.6″D x 81″H



• Light Gray
Walnut Laminate

Product Features:

Peace and Quiet

A quiet office is a productive office to avoid the increase of accidents and errors.  The QuietCabinet reduces sound by up to 15-dB. A 5-dB reduction in noise already can cut the risk of hearing loss in half. The cabinet design ensures noise reduction without compromising cooling capacity, the inside of the cabinet is heavily lined with acoustic material.

Very Cool

The cabinet features variable-speed fan on the rear doors to cool the equipment. Cooling occurs as ambient air comes in the front of the cabinet, passes over the front of the equipment, and is exhausted out the rear.

Very Accommodating

This cabinet holds all leading servers, including blade servers. The 19″ M6 mounting rails are adjustable to fit in with different types of equipment. Load-bearing casters, locking front and rear doors secure equipment and generous cable management is included.

A Good Office Mate in Open Environments

A QuietCab is a very economical and smart solution, especially suitable for environment such as open offices, schools, medical offices, etc. The appearance of the cabinet is furniture-like which you can place in anywhere of an office.

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