APC EcoStruxure Micro Data Center C-Series

All-In-One Rack: APC EcoStruxure Micro Data Center C-Series

APC EcoStruxure Micro Data Center (MDC) C-Series


A Save Time, Save Money and Simplify solution, with packages power, cooling, security and monitoring into a single enclosure.



Basic Product Details:

• Dimension (H x W x D) : 2180 x 800 x 1200 (mm)

• Usable U Spaces: 43U


Solution at a Glance

Suitable for commercial environments such as banking, schools, hospitals, offices and retail space, the rack can eliminates the need for an IT room to save time, money and spaces.

Product Features:

•Usable U Spaces in 43U
• Costs up to 48% less than Typical Data Center Build
• Securely Manage from Anywhere
• Up and Running in Weeks
• More reliable with
Redundant Power Feeds
• Better Protection &
Efficiency with
Intelligent Eco Cooling
• Enhance Security Features
• Built-in Local and Remote Monitoring
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